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Creating impactful startups

Who we are

We believe factory farming is a problem.

We create high-impact, profitable startups to solve it.

We recruit founders to build these startups with our support.

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Logan Sullivan

Cofounder + CEO

Many-time founder | Global impact expert | top-of-field humanitarian​ | Advisor@Oxford University Innovation

Logan's full bio

Huw Thomas Counterfactual.jpg

Huw Thomas

Cofounder + President/COO

2x food founder | COO of New Age Meats | co-creator of world's 1st CellAg pork​ | Oxford MBA

Huw's full bio

Stacey Skaalure.jpeg
Jinesh Shah.jpeg

Jinesh Shah

Leading Venture Building

GFI Innovation Fellow | YC alum | serial founder | many-time alt protein advisor | NYU Masters in CS

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Tee Barnett.jpeg

Tee Barnett

Leading Talent Development and Coaching

Many-time founder | executive coach + trainer​ | Entrepreneur in Residence

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Brett Cotton.jpeg

Brett Cotten

Venture Associate

#1 Best-selling author of Gene-trepreneur | 

Cambridge Master of Bioscience Enterprise

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Indiana (Indie) Thomas

Barketing Director + Head of Special Pawjects

Chief Mischief Officer turned Good Boy | 130 wpm (wags per min) | Puplick Relations Guru 

Stacey Skaalure​, PhD

Leading Science and Technology

GFI SciTech Fellow | Biomaterials Post-Doc Imperial College | Elsevier Editor: Bio Materials for Future Food

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advisors & mentors. 

Peter Singer

Professor of Bioethics - Princeton University

Author - Practical Ethics, Animal Liberation+26 books

"Most influential living philosopher." -New Yorker

Olivia Fox Cabane

Cofounder - KindEarth.Tech
Frm Director of Innovative Leadership

Stanford University StartX
Best-Selling Author - Charisma Myth

Peter Drobac

Director - Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Frm Professor - Harvard Medical School

Founder - University of Global Health Equity


Yes, we have a lot of incredible advisors involved, each playing one or two key roles in our process. To help understand what role(s) they each play, notice the color-coded ring(s) around their images below.







How they're involved

Brian Trelstad

PartnerBridges Fund Management

Frm Chief Investment Officer - Acumen

Senior Lecturer - Harvard Business School

Steve Evans

Director of Research - Industrial Sustainability at University of Cambridge

Tara Sabre Collier
Counterfactual's Gender and Diversity Advisor

Entrepreneur In Residence (Gender and Inclusion) - Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Oxford

Impact and Gender Advisor - Shell Foundation

Cofounder - Affiniti VC

Alex Dehgan

CEO and Cofounder - Conservation X Labs

Fmr Chief Scientist - US Agency for International Development

Nicole Rawlings

Cofounder & Executive Director - Material Innovation Initiative

Director of International Engagement - Good Food Institute

Eamonn Carey

Managing Director - Techstars London

General Partner - The Fund

Aunnie Patton Power

Founder - Intelligent Impact

Entrepreneur-in-Residence Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Saïd Business School, Oxford

Matt Tom

Founder - MTCC

Fmr Product Development Lead - Impossible Foods

Fmr Director of R&D - Just

Fmr Systems Lead - USDA Ag. Research Service

Charles X Michel

Celebrity Chef - Netflix's Final Table

Frm Chef-in-Residence​ - Crossmodal Research Laboratory, University of Oxford

Chief Innovation Officer - Mission: Space Food

Gary Lin

Managing Director - Purple Orange Ventures

Founder/CEO - Glipsa Global Group

Impact Investor

Jessica Karr

Founder and Principal - Jessica Karr Consulting
Head of Product & Research - UMANA
Fmr R&D - Impossible Foods

Brian Spears

Cofounder/CEO - New Age Meats

Cofounder/CEO - Sixclear

Benjamina Bollag

Founder/CEO - Higher Steaks

Frm Entrepreneur-in-Residence - Entrepreneur First

Albert Tseng

Cofounder - Dao Foods

Founder - Moonspire Social Ventures

Frm Social Enterprise Consultant - UNDP

Taylor Quinn

Founder - Tailored Food

Emerging Markets Director - JUST

Alex Nicholls

Professor - Impact Investment + Impact Evaluation, University of Oxford Executive MBA Program

Jagadha Sivan

COO - ImpactMapper

Frm Head of Product & Strategy -

World of Good (Acquired by eBay)

Chris Bryson

Founder & CEO - Unata Inc. (Acquired by Instacart)

Advisor - Instacart

Jenny Snape

Strategy and Ops, Double Impact - Bain Capital

Frm SDG Impact Investment Specialist - UNDP

Beth Larsen

Cofounder and Head of Impact -

Proodos Impact Capital

Cofounder - GrantAccess

Frm Strategist - Oxford Impact Finance Initiative

Charlie Curtis

Associate Fellow/Entrepreneurship Expert - Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Cofounder/Non-Exec Director - Origen Power

Founder/Chairperson - DryGro

Curt Albright

Managing Member - Clear Current Capital

David Meyer

Cofounder Food Systems Innovation

Cofounder - Humane America Animal Foundation

World Champion  - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Amanda Joy Ravenhill

Executive Director - Buckminster Fuller Institute

Cofounder/Executive Director - Project Drawdown

Professor of Sustainable Mngt - Presidio Grad School

Mateusz Cyrankiewicz

Founding Partner + Creative Director - HooKooEKoo

Founder - Boxy + Dropr +

CEO - Slash

Ira van Eelen

Cofounder/CEO - KindEarth.Tech

40 years of Cultivated Meat experience

Steven O'Connell

Operations Lead - PearBio

Fmr Associate Director+Programme Manager - RebelBio & VC at SOSV

Elise Bernal

Deal Leader - GlassWall Syndicate

Impact Finance Lead - The Greenbaum Foundation

Founder - Yorkshire Advisory

Luisa Rodriguez

Researcher - Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research

Research Analyst - Rethink Priorities

Frm Fellow - Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford

Nick Fitz

Founder/CEO - Momentum

Fmr Snr Behavioral Scientist - Dan Ariely's Center for Advanced Hindsight + Startup Lab, Duke University

Fmr Researcher - National Core for Neuroethics

Brian Luscombe

Director of Product - 

Honey (acquired by Paypal, $4B)

Jordan Lejuwaan

Founder - + ZeroSpace + Gravity Blanket + HighExistence + Slash

Forbes 30-under-30

Katarina Polonsky

Director - Digital Technology Supercluster

Frm Director of Europe - Founders Pledge

Arden Koehler

Researcher, writer and podcaster

(impactful careers) - 80,000 Hours

Frm PhD Student Lecturer - New York University

David Langer

Founding Partner - Lionheart Ventures

Venture Partner - Pioneer Fund

Founder/CEO - Zesty (acquired by Square)

Eric Hale

Founder​ - Sunuity + EndActive

Fmr Researcher​ - California Institute of Technology Robotics Lab

Holder of 20+ Biomedical Patents

Tobias Leenaert

Cofounder - ProVeg International

Cofounder - Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy

Author - How to Create a Vegan World

Vegan Strategist -

Frea Mehta

PhD Candidate (Cellular Agriculture)

Frm Researcher, Dr Mark Post - Maastricht University

Marek Duda

Head of Advisory​ - Total Portfolio Project

Frm Head of Product​ - EA Funds

Fmr Asst Exec Director - Center for Effective Altruism

Tom Phillips

Sustainable Food and Agriculture Adviser

Frm Associate Director​ - AgDevCo ($200m food impact investment fund)

Frm Sustainability Fellow​ - McKinsey

Brandon Ramirez

Cofounder - Graph Protocol

Partner and Lead Engineer - Functional Foundry

Founder/Head of Product - TapSavvy

Sean Peters

CEO - DryGro

Frm Program Director -

The Global Accelerator Learning Initiative

Frm President - Global Catalyst Initiative

Nikhil Dugal

Systems Change Expert -

Systems Change Observatory, Oxford University

Founder - Aadhan Infrastructure

Giulia Bocci

UX Researcher + Design Leader - HooKooEKoo (clients: Apple, Tesla, Boom Airlines, etc)

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